on air personalities

Vince Graves

Vincent Graves

6 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Graves can accredit his lengthy radio career to his cousin’s teenage boyfriend.

It was his chance meeting  with his cousin’s new beau around the dinner table that sparked his interest in radio. Graves says he was a popular radio announcer at the local rap and r&b station WGOK in Mobile Alabama. He offered to take Graves under his wing and taught him everything he knew, which led to his first radio job. Grays stayed at WGOK for 5 years and left thereafter to further his education up north in Louisville, Ky. Graves attended Jefferson Community College where veteran television news reporter Don Schroeder was his professor.

Schroeder knew WLLV program director and informed Graves that the station was in need of part-time  announcers and the rest was history.

Graves says that transitioning from the secular world to the gospel world was a difficult transition for him but it was a transition that totally changed his life.

“When I got bitten by the gospel bug the more I wanted to stay in it” and he has for more than 20 years now..

Listen to Vince Graves M-F from 6-1:30 pm.


Maxwell Mitchell

Sat: 4pm -8pm & Sun 12noon – 6:00pm

Maxwell accredits his time at WLLV to him being able to sound exactly like J. Ford. Test him out and put them next to one another. You will be surprised at how alike those two sound. Outside of that Maxwell has been a loyal and talented asset to not only the WLLV & WLOU community but also Anchor Radio as a whole.

When Maxwell isn’t at the radio station he is usually running the cities music scene through a series of music events and poetry slams through his organization Maxwellsounds. You can either see it on Facebook or on their Flipping the Seen


Dave Autree

Dave Autree

M-F 3 p.m. -8 p.m.

Dave Autree does afternoons on WLLV. Autree has been at WLOU/WLLV for 6 years and wears many hats here at the station. Autree smiles when asked how he became a part of this radio family.. “I called up Jay Ford, told him I wanted a job and a week later I was training under Vince Grays.” Autree serves as the assistant production manager for the station and is the brains and hands behind many of the spots played on-air. When David isn’t on-air, answering a technical question or fixing a spot, he enjoys being in his own studio recording music. Here’s what Autree says he likes most about working on WLLV, “I enjoy all the great ministries…even though I miss church from time to time, I still get to hear a word from the Lord.”

You can listen to Dave Autree Monday-Friday from 3-8p.m.

Celebration in Praise Mr "P"


M-F 8 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Purvis can dial up, Donnie, Kirk, or Marvin on their private numbers on this Stellar Award nominated station. Join Mr. P and your evenings will be filled with traffic, Big Red and chocolate cake.


Jay Ford

J. Ford

Known for his deep baritone voice and a name that is synonymous here locally with gospel music would you ever guess that J. Ford did something other than radio? A retiree of the United States Postal service.. J. Ford’s legendary voice was discovered by WLOU pioneer lil. David Anderson. It was Ford’s involvement with his church’s broadcasts on WLOU ( Magazine Street) that caught the ear of Anderson..  a willing Ford accepted the call to become an announcer part-time and received on the job training from one of the city’s best. In 1992 J ford become the program director for WLLV and has become a staple for religious community “Its Fun.. its really not like work.. I get to interact with people I’ve known over the years and be what I am… a christian.